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Android Pie

9 Cool Features Of Android Pie which are really useful


The trial versions are over: Google has just launched what is considered the definitive version of Android P. An operating system that is known under the name of Android 9.0 Pie. A news that has arrived in a completely unexpected but that can already download some devices and that is shown as one of the major revolutions imposed by the green Android.

The wait is over once and for all and it is time to test the progress that the little green droid has prepared for us. New functions, improvement of tools, and the addition of artificial intelligence … Many are the innovations that we have left to know of a version that promises to give a lot to talk about during the next days. The best companies are already fighting to be the first, excluding Samsung, in incorporating the changes of a novel version that was expected as May water. The official deployment of the new Android operating system begins. Let’s greet Android Pie.

All you need to know about Android Pie:

Everything seemed to indicate that next August 20 would be official everything related to Android P. However, Google has decided to move forward through the official blog of Android developers to present today the latest version of the operating system globally. No, it’s not a joke, since the company of the green android have surprised users and developers with a set-up as unexpected as surprising. Under the name of Android Pie, everything is prepared so that some lucky people can enjoy the innovations of this new version.

The clear objective of Android Pie is based on introducing a healthier relationship with technology. For this, a series of features that make it different from the rest have been incorporated. A set of changes that were already being claimed by the users with whom they want to take Android smartphones to a new generation, and in which the presence of Artificial Intelligence is essential. Next, we show some of the most outstanding:

  1. New navigation system:

Android 9.0 is shown to the world with a new navigation system with which everything becomes more intuitive thanks to a design in which you can access the android multitasking. A section that will allow users to move much faster and easier through the interface by sliding buttons in the navigation bar. Without a doubt, a necessary alteration that avoids wasting time when moving around the terminal itself.

  1. Slices:

A section that is based on giving users continuous recommendations based on what is sought. That is, when looking for anything in Google, Slices will show similar results so that we can have different options.

  1. Machine learning:

It is a system able to adapt factors such as battery or brightness depending on the uses of each person. The intelligent battery and the automatic brightness are two of the most outstanding features. That is, a resource manager with which it is intended to maximize the performance of the terminal and give the mobile what it needs at all times. Yes, all regulated by the recent incorporation of Artificial Intelligence.

  1. Tool to manage the time of use with the mobile:

It is perhaps one of the biggest advances of Android Pie. In essence, it is a tool that provides data related to the time we have been in an application. But in addition to that, it also allows you to configure an adjustment so that we can only spend some time on Instagram or another app, for example. Digital Wellbeing is the name that receives this function.

  1. Screen capture editor:

One of the new tools that we liked the most is the integration of a native screen capture editor; this allows you to cut, add color or paint on any screenshot, this to then be able to share it to a chat or some application. Surely with this, you will no longer have to resort to another photo editing application.

  1. Battery saving focused on two aspects:

The saving of the battery is one of the points that we asked the most screaming to work for improvement from the operating system itself. So, in response to our request, the guys at Google have emphasized developing their artificial intelligence even more so that it helps save us battery life in two aspects: screen brightness and the applications used.

In the part of the screen brightness will take into account the time of day to adjust this section, while in the section of applications used seeks to optimize the apps in the background to achieve 30% more consumption of autonomy.

  1. A dark theme:

In the fourth place, we find a dark theme that comes accompanied with a clear one and another automatic depending on the type of wallpaper that is being used. If you want to increase the personalization on your mobile, this should be an adjustment that should not be missing. This can be configured by going to Settings> Display> Device theme.

  1. A new option to edit the sound:

And we finish with a new function to adjust one or several types of sound from a floating bar. Thanks to this you can modify the 4 types of sound or volumes available. Undoubtedly, a new tool quite useful.

  1. App Actions:

Artificial intelligence appears again to show users what they are going to do. It is a tool that is shown as a direct access that consists in predicting each of the steps you are going to take.

In which terminals is Android Pie available?

Note that Android Pie will not only be available for Google Pixel terminals, but the latest version of Android can be downloaded soon on all smartphones that have Android One and beta versions of Android 9.0. That is some terminals of brands such as Xiaomi, Nokia, Sony, Oppo, Vivo, Essential and OnePlus.

It is an update that can be done via OTA, so if you are a terminal with Android One or any device that has gone through the Open Beta version, it is best to go refreshing the updates because Android is already being deployed. Global form. Of course, all those who have one of the Google Pixel smartphones and want to proceed with the manual installation can get it through the OTA update.


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