Samsung Galaxy S10 Random Freezes
Samsung Galaxy S10 Random Freezes

Powerful Galaxy S10 of the powerful brand Samsung show some serious issues like freezing, lagging. Freezing problem is occurs when the issue is in the firmware of your device or third party apps. In this article I will tell you the different solutions to the freezing problem, so read the complete article and all the solutions that maybe help you to solve your problem of Samsung Galaxy S10 Random Freezes.

First Method: Safe Mood Running Phone

In your Samsung Galaxy S10 most of the applications gone dishonest because of this it causes the freezes and lags problem. The first solution to this problem is to start your phone in the safe mode and find out the applications that caused this problem and these applications are third party applications or not.

When you are in safe mode all the third party applications of your phone will be disabled and if your phone doesn’t show the freeze and lag problem then it confirmed that this problem occurs because of any third-party application. If you don’t know how to run your Samsung Galaxy S10 in a safe mood then all the steps are given below, you just have to follow all the steps.

  1. The first step is to turn off your Samsung Galaxy S10
  2. Now you to long-press on the power button, when Samsung logo appears then release the power button
  3. When the logo appears and releasing the power button, instantly press and hold the volume down button of your Samsung device till your device finishes the restarting.
  4. After this safe mode appears on the bottom left side of your Samsung screen and now you have to release the volume down button.

If your Samsung device works properly in the safe mode without any freezes, then the main cause of freezes problem is the third party applications that you installed in your Samsung device. Now you have to move on the next solution that is uninstalled those applications that cause the freezes problem.

Second Method: Uninstall Apps That Can Cause The Freeze

If you don’t face any freezes problem in the safe mode then it’s confirmed that this problem occurs due to different third party applications, now you have to uninstall the third-party apps, it may be one or group of application. Now uninstall the third-party apps one by one until your Samsung device works properly. All the steps of this solution are given below:

  1. First, you have to reboot your Samsung device into the normal mode
  2. Go to the Settings of your Samsung device and then Apps
  3. Find out the third party app
  4. Click on the app then uninstall and ok

In this process,Samsung Galaxy S10 Random Freezes and you have to uninstall more than one app to fix all the freeze problem of your Samsung device. After uninstalling the third party apps still, you face the same problem, then go to the next solution that is given below.

Third Method: Reset All Settings

If you still face the issue of the freeze after going to the safe mode and uninstalling some third party dishonest applications then you have to reset all your settings of your Samsung device. These reset settings are the same as the factory settings but in the reset settings, your data will not be deleted. Follow all the steps given below, to reset settings of your Samsung device.

  1. First, go to the settings of your Samsung device
  2. Then general management, reset and then reset settings
  3. Now click on the Reset settings
  4. After this, your device will need a pin, if you have set up any pin, pattern or password then type it
  5. Now your Samsung device will perform the reset all settings

After resetting all the settings of your Samsung device, use your device to find out still the freeze problem occurs or not. If the freeze problem is not solved after doing the reset all settings then go to the next solution to solve your problem.

Fourth Method: Cache Partition Wipe

If you are an Android user then you know that the Android system uses a special type of file and these files are called system cache, basically, the system cache loads your applications faster and quickly. But sometimes the installation of different applications may crash the cache system of Samsung Galaxy S10 Random Freezes and because of this device works poorly and showed the freezes and lag problem. So we recommend you to wipe the cache partition of your Samsung device. All the steps are given below for the cache partition wipe.

  1. First, you have to turn off your Samsung device
  2. Now you have to long-press on the Volume up button and Bixby button, then also long-press on the power button.
  3. Release all the keys when the Android logo will appear.
  4. To show the wipe cache option you have to press the volume down button for the several times
  5. Use the power button to select the option
  6. Now press the volume down button until the “Yes” appears, now press the power button of your Samsung device
  7. When all the cache partition process is complete then Reboot system now option will appear
  8. After this restart your device by pressing the power button.

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Fifth Method: Check For Overheating

If your Galaxy S10 device still has the freezing problem after the cache partition wipe then it’s confirmed that your device showing you this problem because of overheating. If a phone has a hardware problem then it’s become heat, if your device apps try so hard to act or you facing a freeze problem with overheating then it’s a serious issue for your device. Then you have to go to the shopkeeper to repair it, otherwise, check the next solution.

Sixth Method: Perform Master Reset

If all the above-given solutions fail, then you have to perform a master reset. But before doing a master reset you make sure to backup of your data and important files because with the master reset you’re all files and data will be deleted.

  1. First, turn off your Samsung device
  2. Now long press on the Volume up and Bixby button, after this press and hold the power button of your device
  3. After this Android logo will appear, when this logo appears, then release all the buttons.
  4. To show the reset/factory reset option press the Volume down button for several times
  5. Use the power button to select the reset option
  6. When the master reset process is done then Reboot now system option appears
  7. To restart your Samsung device press the power button

Seventh Method: Get Samsung Help

If your Samsung device still has the freeze problem after trying all the solutions, then bad news is that you cannot solve this problem. You have to contact Samsung and let them solve your problem, now for help visit your local Samsung service center.


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