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Intelligent Scan Samsung Galaxy S9

How to Use Intelligent Scan to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy S9 Faster


With its array of minor revisions and improvements, the Galaxy S9 is a pretty great upgrade over the S8. Facial recognition is one of those improvements and Samsung has fortified it by including another sensor as well as with machine learning. These efforts have resulted in what is called Intelligent Scan, which is based on the iris scanner and the front-facing camera.

Instead of attempting to build its own version of Apple’s Face ID, Samsung uses the technology that Galaxy devices already have. Although Intelligent Scan is predictably compared to Face ID, it should be noted that rather than being a competitor against the new tech used by Apple, it is more of an upgrade to the facial recognition in the Galaxy S8.

What is Intelligent Scan?

Samsung has developed a new biometric authentication system named Intelligent Scan. Using machine learning, the front-facing camera and the iris scanner, it has the ability to quickly authenticate your face and with just one look, unlock your device. It is a lot quicker than separately using each scanner, which allows for authentication speed rivaling the fingerprint scanner.

Once it is enabled, Intelligent Scan will create a 2D map of your face with the front-facing camera. It will unlock your device if the map matches the one on file. However, if there is an error, the iris scanner will then be used to authenticate you.

If the iris scanner also fails in authenticating you, the two sensors will be combined to do so. Furthermore, the sensors will be analyzed by machine learning. The analysis will include your environment’s lighting conditions so that the best method to authenticate the user can be determined. If it is a well-lit area, normal procedures using the 2D facial map will be used, while the iris scanner will be used first in a low-light environment. Samsung stated that improvements have been made to the infrared camera and RGB used for the facial scan as well as the iris scan so that users can be detected better in difficult conditions.

How to Enable Intelligent Scan

To enable Intelligent Scan, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, open the Settings app and tap on Lock Screen and Security.
  2. You will see Biometrics under which is Intelligent Scan. Tap on it. You will be asked to type in your PIN number. If you do not have one set up yet, the device will prompt you to do so.
  3. Once you are on the verification information screen, tap Continue.
  4. Now you will need to register your face. Simply hold your S9 8 to 20 inches away from your face, making sure that your face is centered on the circle, and tap Continue.
  5. Once you have scanned your face, the next step is to register your irises. Make sure that your eyes are centered in the circles on-screen. It is best to do this inside. If you wear glasses or contacts, you will be advised to remove them for this step. However, it is possible to wear contacts and register your irises without an issue.
  6. After you have registered your face and irises, turn on Intelligent Scan.
  7. Make sure to toggle on Intelligent Scan unlock and Screen-on Intelligent Scan so that you can unlock your phone quickly without the need to swipe the screen first.

With Intelligent Scan, you gain the ability to access your Galaxy S9 quickly regardless of the environment you are in. It overcomes facial recognition’s weakness in low-light conditions. When the camera-created map fails, the iris scanner will be used immediately. Intelligent Scan is also beneficial as it makes authentication faster and more convenient as it allows you to run down a list of tools quickly after failed attempts.

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