Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro
Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Introduction

Samsung is indeed the leader in the smartphone market. The company has put most research regarding the technology more than other companies. The Samsung’s Galaxy C lines as a mid-ranges smartphone are quite elusive. However, the Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is said to be the pro versions of the lines. The device employs a 6-inch display, large battery, premium designs, and other specifications from the companies. Does the smartphone worth the money and review?

Design and displays

The device is considered as a large smartphone with the 6-inch screen. While the 5.5 and 5.7 screen is not considered as a phablet, but the 6 inch does. Even though the screen was large, but it employs slim design. The back side of the design uses the metal material which gives premium feel compared to glass backs. The curves in the back side improve grip but the natural slippery material causes ergonomic issues for some people.

In terms of overall look, the Galaxy C9 Pro is quite similar to other Samsung devices with three lines on the back side to differentiate. The device is available in three colors of black, gold, and rose gold. It is also quite disappointing as the device uses different colors for the sides.

Employing HD AMOLED displays, C9 Pro provides great viewing experience. It has clear colors with pretty wide viewing angles and legibility under sunlight is great. For the screen, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro employs unclear Gorilla Glass with the unspecified version as this is the first smartphone from Samsung to employ screen protector.


The Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro features both 16-megapixel camera for front and main camera. It indeed sounds great to have a 16-megapixel camera for selfie, but it turns out not as effective in the practice. The front camera photo quality turns out smooth and all soft with not much detail. Also, the camera also does not picture the proper skin tone. It requires good camera sensor and great software as well to produce a quality photo in which both features lack on this device. However, the 16-megapixel rear camera definitely saves the day, especially for daylight photography. It is able to bring the details in the images and quite close to bring real-life pictures. The real problem is when it comes to night photography as the device unable to focus on the image in low light shots.

Hardware and software

Run the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, the device employs the same interface as the other Galaxy lines. Even though it is not Nougat, but there are also some features which feature on Nougat devices such as Samsung Cloud and blue light filter. The device runs the latest features despite the android version being not the latest.

Battery and other features

The device is powered by 4000mAh battery and it is considered as best performing smartphone in its class. For everyday uses, the phone will last for about 11.5 hours with fast charging for under an hour. For the expensive price, the camera and the battery life is not something that will impress people since there are other devices with lower price and good camera quality.


If you found your Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro is capable of using only the services of any particular network provider or your phone asking for sim network unlock pin after inserting a different sim card, most probably your phone is SIM locked. You may have to travel overseas or want to change your current service provider then you need to unlock it. You can unlock Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro by code easily and safely without loosing the original warranty. It is a permanent unlocking solution so you don’t need to enter the code every time. Also, the resale value of your phone will increase after unlocking it.

Disclaimer: We try to provide the complete and correct features, specifications and price of Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, but there is always a possibility of making mistakes. If you found any wrong or incomplete information, please let us know


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