Unlock My Phone
Unlock My Phone


In these days, the use of a smartphone is increasing. It is not surprising due to how useful it can be to our life. We can browse the Internet, chat with other people, and many more. We will need a network in order to do that. However, sometimes a certain network provider can cost us much money. Yet, we cannot switch to another provider that has lower cost since our phone is locked. Hence, we need to unlock it. But, how can I unlock my phone? Do not worry because I will tell you about it here.

What Is Phone Unlocking?

Before we go straight to the steps of how to unlock my phone, I will give a brief explanation about this matter first. Phone unlocking is a process that allows phone users to use any SIM cards from other providers. That enables them to use other networks without changing their own phone.

In contrast, you cannot do such a thing with a locked phone. But, it does not mean you cannot enjoy the feature. You will need a certain code to do the unlocking.

We want to remind you, though, that not all network can give you that access easily. Only certain type can allow you for that such as GSM. You can actually do it with CDMA too. But, the process is more complicated since it does not use a SIM card.

What about LTE? At the moment, you cannot unlock phones developed for LTE although it uses a SIM card. It is because not all of the services operate the same radio frequency. Yet, this will change as chip manufacturers begin to include multiple radios to the semiconductors.

Different Methods to Unlock Phone

Now I will tell you about how to unlock my phone. There are several ways you can conduct for that. Two of them are the software unlock and IMEI unlock.

Personally, I think IMEI unlock is easier. We only need to do 4 simple steps. First, we must select our phone. The phone we are talking about here is like Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, etc. Second, fill in the request form. In the same form, you can enter your phone IMEI. Third, there will be a code for unlocking sent to you via e-mail. Last, type the code into your phone, and the device will be unlocked.

About the software unlock, there are plenty of them you can find in the Internet. Each of them has different methods to get the code. So, you can use the one that suits you and your device the most.

Please note that if your phone is still locked after putting in the code, that means the code is not the thing you need for unlocking. You may try to do it via a cable attachment.

Why Should I Unlock My Phone?

In the US, phone unlocking is illegal. The US Library of Congress saw this process as an act of violation of the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act).

Honestly, this does not necessarily need to happen. It is because there are several benefits we can enjoy from it. Let me tell you a few reasons why I prefer to unlock my phone.

  1. You will have more than one providers to use with only one phone. That gives you an alternative network that is cheaper than your original provider.
  2. The multiple providers you can choose allow you to save more money in a long run.
  3. You can use the foreign SIM card to cut your phone expenses when you are traveling outside your country.
  4. You will not have to deal with bloatware anymore that can slow your device performance. Instead, you can enjoy a faster mobile phone.
  5. This will solve your problem of losing a phone, especially the contracted one since the termination fee is very expensive. If you lost an unlocked phone, you can use the fee to buy a new phone instead.

Now you already know why I unlock my phone. It is practical and has a lot of benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Go unlock your phone and start to save your cash now!


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